Shocker XR Adjustable Cushioned Drawbar w/1″ Hole

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The Shocker XR Adjustable cushioned drawbar ball mount with? 4″ of rise to 4″ of drop. 10,000 lbs tow rating capacity and 1,000 lbs tongue weight. Cushioned drawbar has 1″ hole. Shocker XR cushioned drawbar hitch ball mount provides the ultimate in versatility for whatever height trailer you are hooking up to. The XR cushioned has 4 built in rubber cushions & adjustability maximum versatility for your towing needs. This Shocker XR cushioned drawbar ball mount attaches by sliding into a standard receiver tube. Use this adjustable ball mount however you need to for tons of versatility.Tons of Attachments: We offer a wide variety of our ball mount attachments; standard mounts, drop ball mounts, clevis mounts, drawbar mounts, cushioned drawbar mounts, pintle hook attachments, raised mounts and combo multi-ball mounts.Safety Notice: The Shocker XR cushioned drawbar is a heavy duty unit that in most cases exceeds factory receiver hitch weight capacities, therefore it is imperative that you always read and follow the tongue and towing weight recommendations of the receiver hitch that is mounted on your tow vehicle.

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Weight 26 oz
Dimensions 16 × 5 × 11 in
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